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What Time of Year Is Best for Pest Control?

Our moderate sunny climate makes it possible for pests to be active throughout the year, but not every month has the same level of pest problems. There is no specific time of year for pest control. It is also impacted by the characteristics of your property. For example, if you live near a mostly undeveloped wooded area, you may have more rodents than you would normally expect. You may also encounter mosquitoes more often if you live near a water source.


Even though this question is often asked, there are certain recurring patterns. We will take a look at the pests and issues you are likely to encounter throughout the year. However, other factors will also play a role, so you may experience different results.


When summer arrives, ants of all varieties are at their peak in terms of numbers. By that time, they have more to harvest, and you may see them in your home more often. 

With more braais being held and the hot weather making trash bins stink, this time of year is also a prime time for infestations of cockroaches. There is nothing that attracts roaches more than the smell of garbage or food.


With the warmth of summer weather largely over, rodents and ants are losing access to their summer food sources rapidly. The cold weather is rapidly approaching, and rodents are looking for shelter in warm and dry areas to survive.


During the colder months, rodents are at their most active. This is because a new litter of rodents are already grown by the time winter settles in. You will also notice the smell of rat urine and faeces. Signs of a roof rat infestation include loud rattling across your ceiling. The smell and noise increase as rat populations multiply on your roof and around your home.


As spring takes hold, pest populations are also beginning to emerge. Rodents and insects will emerge seeking food sources, which may include items you leave lying around the house. As far as insects are concerned, you will probably encounter ants of various types as well as silverfish.


Year-round pests

Termites and bed bugs are pests that are active year-round in South Africa, so they are always a problem no matter what the season is. Termites eat people out of their homes and bed bugs suck their blood. Solid Pest Management offers a variety of pest control treatment plans that help identify and eradicate these and other pests. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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