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Cleaning Support Gauteng

Pre-occupation Cleaning Scope of work/areas covered

  • Bathrooms, toilets and showers ‘- General tile and porcelain cleaning.
    All Built In Cupboards in kitchen and bedrooms.
  • Splash tiles behind kitchen counters, sink, stove. Inside/ouside of kitchen cupboards, plus stove cleaning
    Floor tiles – General cleaning. NB – If strip and seal needed, this is quoted separately.
  • Carpet cleaning- Quoted separately, or as part of general pre-occupation clean.
    Laminated flooring – General cleaning.
  • Windows – General cleaning. NB – Paint mark removal quoted separately
    it becomes beyond our scope.
  • Carpet, Curtain and Mattress cleaning scope of work
    Inspection for stains or other issue on fabric. Carpet, mattress etc is then vacuumed thoroughly, followed by an extraction deep cleaning process.


Deep clean, including steam cleaning of kitchens, bathrooms, tile grouting.

Inside Ceiling – Vacuuming, Sanitising, Insulating, proofing.

  • Pre-inspection by Supervisor to advise on any possible defects in wiring, visible leaks, etc.
    in ceiling space, cracked roof tiles, etc, that the resident may not be aware of.
  • Removal of rat or bird carcasses and/or nests, leaves, twigs, dust.
  • Removal (if agreed upon) of existing pink aerolite/isotherm insulation.
  • An industrial vacuuming of pitched roof areas, with access through roof tiles or ceiling
  • New aerolite or isotherm installations
  • Proofing (if agreed upon) of any visible rodent or bird access points.
  • Sanitising of inside pitched roof area through a fogging process.


Gutter Cleaning and maintenance.

  • A cleanout of gutters and down pipes using brushes, scrapers and / or high pressure washer. Includes clean-up and bagging of gutter debris at roof and ground level.


Bird/Bat Proofing of rooflines, beams, aircons and pillars.