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Cleaning Support Cape Town

  • Deep cleaning of toilets, Basins, showers, baths and kitchen sinks Treatment of external drains
  • Anti Microbial fogging of bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Although your bathroom might look clean, those hidden areas in your toilet, basins and showers are not.
  • We use patented bio-enzyme preparations which are 100% environmentally friendly to remove the build up of scale, dirt and fecal deposits, and which are compatible with septic tanks.
  • Your drains will benefit as well, not only do the enzymes fight bacteria, but will assist in the control of unwanted pests.
  • Anti-microbial Fogging is the process of filling a room with a fine mist They are so small that they can remain in the air long enough to kill airborne viral or bacterial contamination. These particles settle onto surfaces, including the ones not touched by conventional cleaning allowing the biocide to kill surface contamination.