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Anti Microbial Fogging and Disinfecting

  • Anti Microbial Fogging is an “advanced disinfecting solution” using a high level, non-toxic, formulation that disinfects and sanitizes a variety of different surfaces in one easy process.
  • Anti Microbial fogging is applied using an electrical or petrol driven spray or mist “fogger” which produces an “aerosol” effect. The fogger is able to “generate mist” up to a distance of 20 meters.
  • The application result of anti microbial fogging is harmless to humans and animals. Plants, food etc need not be removed while fogging. The environmentally friendly “fog” ensures a 99% kill of microbial contaminations, including bacterial infections, viruses, fungi, algae, spores and dust mites and has a lasting “residual” killing effect.
  • Downtime after anti microbial fogging is minimal and re-occupation of any premises is 60 minutes after application.
  • Anti microbial fogging can be applied in residential homes, offices, call centres, warehouses, nurseries, schools, hospitals, food and beverage manufacturers, the hospitality industry.


#  The approx. square metres of the site (pace it out. Eg 15 steps wide by 30 steps long, will give us the required square metres.) 

#  plus approx. height of ceiling or roof.