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Pest Control For Subterranean Termites - Get Rid Of Subterranean Termites fast!

Subterranean termites are dangerous insects in that they are wood destroying insects. Termites can destroy your house’s old wooden floors, roof beams, cupboard bases, skirting boards, furniture, etc. Contact Solid Hygiene Solutions

FAQ’s Subterranean termites

Q – What is a “subterranean termite” treatment

This consists of a “drill and inject” treatment, into the foundation of the house, drilling approximately every metre around infested area’s or the entire house.

What are the indications that I have a subterranean termite issue?

You will either find your built in cupboard base has been eaten away partially (or completely) with a “mudpack” type nest at the bottom of the cupboard, or your skirting boards have been eaten away and are hollow. There can be indications on the outside, also in the form of a mudpack buildup against a wall or outside pipe, etc. Small mushrooms that pop up overnight in eg outside paving are also an indication of a termite presence.

NB – If a kitchen or bathroom cupboard base has collapsed, make sure it is not “damp” related.

Q – My house has old wooden floors with a problem in one room.

For old houses with wooden floors, one has to access under the floor and drench the soil underneath to create the barrier. To do this, one can either treat through the “breeze block/airvent”, from the outside under the floorline, or cut a small hatch (15 x 30cm) in the floorboard. I the case of old house wooden floors it is advisable to treat all rooms, irrespective of evidence only in one area.

Q – Do I have to treat my entire house if there is evidence of subterranean termites in one or two areas?

In many cases this is not necessary, particularly if it is a concrete based house. However, if the infested areas are on opposite sides of the house, then it would be best to treat entire house.

Q – Is there a guarantee in a subterranean termite treatment

There is a 5 year guarantee on the treated areas.