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Seasonal Pests & Deals

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This Winter – Let us protect your Home from a Rodent Invasion.
On a cold Winter’s Night, a warm car engine is also very inviting….

Special Offer: R1250-00.
Includes 6 Rodent Bait Boxes, 4 Sticky Pads and a loose bait ceiling treatment!
Additional rodent bait baoxes (RBB) are available at R150-00 each.
*Offer valid until 31st August 2018
**Owl Friendly Options are available!!!

The Rodent bait boxes are mounted against paving or wall, or on a paving block for stability and to give flexibility should there be a problem going forward, in a different area of property. The Rodent bait box is not a “trap”. It holds the rodent bait safely and securely preventing kids and pets from accessing the bait. A standard suburban residence (up to 4 bed / 2 bath) would normally require 8 RBB in the garden. Sticky boards are usually placed against the wall, behind large appliances like refrigerators and washing machines.