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Pest Control For Harvester Termites - Get Rid of Harvester Termites Fast!

The harvester termite is a pest of lawns or other grassy areas. The nest is underground. Indication of a harvester termite infestation is a bare patch in the lawn with a “nest” hole in the middle. While mainly feeding off the cellulose in grass, they can be found in non-woody materials containing cellulose, such as thatch, paper, clothing and ceiling cornices. Harvester termite treatment on lawns could require follow-up after the initial treatment.

FAQ’s Harvester Termites

Q – What are the indications of a Harvester termite infestation?

One may or may not see the winged termite (flying ant type) coming out of a hole in lawn or paving. Ones lawn will normally have bare patches with a visible hole in the middle.

Q – What is the treatment for Harvester Termite?

Treatment is a spray treatment of entire lawn/paving area, with drenching of nest holes found. This is followed by a granular bait treatment.