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Pest Control For Flies - Get Rid Of Flies fast!

Flies are probably the biggest irritant in warm weather in any environment, whether it be domestic, commercial or agricultural. Flies will be anywhere that there is a food source, which can be anything from leftover food, an open dustbin, manure at stables, in fact anything with a smell. The most common flies are the House Fly, the Flesh fly, the Fruit fly and the Blow fly. Because of the quick, ongoing breeding and life cycle of flies, mainly permanent measures have to be taken to ensure ongoing eradication.

FAQ’s Flies

Q – How do we keep flies away?

Unless in a “horse stable” type environment, most fly control options are DIY. These can range from Insecticide aerosol dispenser and refills, fly repellent mixes for surfaces and outdoor flycatcher units. In food environments, Insect light traps can be added.