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Pest Control For Fleas - Get Rid Of Fleas Fast!

Fleas are a biting insect which breed in environments close to humans and animals. In a domestic environment, they can breed in kennels, pet bedding, carpets, skirting boards as well as lawn grass or paving. Fleas move from place to place through riding on animals, or by themselves

FAQ’s Fleas

Q – How do you treat for fleas?

Standard treatment is a spray treatment of all carpeted rooms, fabric covered furniture, cushions, skirting boards, plus where necessary – Pets bedding, a 1,5metre band of lawn in front of eg. patio, front/back door. Flea treatments normally need an ‘initial” treatment, plus a follow-up approx. 7 to 10 days later.

Q – Do you treat the pets?

No, we do not, but it is important that the pets are treated (wash or powder, etc.) at similar time to house treatment in order to prevent re-infestation.

Q – What preparation must we do before a flea treatment?

It is preferable to wash pet bedding before treatment. A thorough vacuuming of carpets, couches, mattresses, is recommended prior to the treatment. Beds must be stripped before arrival for treatment, if bedrooms are on treatment list.

Q – Is it safe for kids and pets?

No need to vacate unit during treatment and no issues for kids or pets during or after treatment. Pets should be locked away during treatment plus one hour afterwards. There is very little odour during or after treatment.