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Pest Control For Fishmoths - Get Rid Of Fishmoths Fast!

Fishmoths or Silverfish are a destructive insect and can destroy linen and clothing items in a matter of weeks. Fishmoths are often brought into a building in cardboard boxes or paper files, particularly those that have not been disturbed for a while. They are attracted by damp and warmth and prefer to hide in cracks and crevices, such as linen and clothes cupboards, skirting boards and bathroom cupboards. Fishmoths eat silk, cotton, linen and rayon, as well as paper.

FAQ’s Fishmoths

Q – How do you treat for fishmoths?

Treatment is a combination spray and “low volume” electric fogging treatment of required bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, study, storeroom etc. cupboards and or storage containers, as well as skirting boards and curtains.

Q – Is a fishmoth treatment safe for kids and pets

There is no need to vacate unit during treatment, with issues for kids or pets during or after treatment. As a precaution Pets should be locked away during treatment plus one hour afterwards

Q – Is there a smell after treatment
Very little smell or odour during or after treatment.