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Pest Control For Cockroaches - Get Rid Of Cockroaches Fast!

Cockroaches are obnoxious pests! They feed on anything from garbage to sewage and carry germs such as the bacteria Salmonella, causing diseases such as dysentery and gastroenteritis) Cockroaches are nocturnal, (come out at night) so if you see a cockroach during the day, chances are you have a heavy infestation and need to treat immediately. If you see a cockroach during daytime, this is generally a sign of a heavy infestation. Switching on a light at night and seeing cockroaches, is not a good sign. Seeing only small cockroach’s means there is a bigger problem to sort out.

Cockroach facts

A single cockroach can breed up to 1200 cockroaches in a year.
Cockroaches will be found where there is heat, water and a food source.
A cockroach can live off a food source the size of a pinhead for a week.
If you see a cockroach during the day this is generally a sign of a heavy infestation.
Use of sprays bought at supermarkets is not recommended as they cause the cockroach to drop its egg sac in a different place, thus starting a new nest site.


Q – What is a standard treatment for cockroaches?

Standard treatment is a combination spray, gel, dust treatment of required areas.

Q – I am seeing cockroaches in other areas apart from the kitchen.

This means you have a severe infestation, where a premises would need a “Nupro gassing” treatment in addition to the standard treatment. A severe infestation will probably need a follow up. It must be noted that some severe infestations may need more than one follow-up.

Q – Is there a smell during after a cockroach treatment?

There is very little odour/smell during or after treatment.

Q – Do I have to leave home/the premises during the cockroach treatment?

One does not have to leave home during the treatment.  If a gassing treatment is needed, then the premises/house must be vacated for a minimum of 7 hours.

Q – Do we have to empty out the cupboards before a cockroach treatment?

If cupboards are overfull, with foodstuffs, old newspapers, plastic bags, etc, empty them by half. We must be able to put a nozzle into the back of a cupboard. Also check the food cupboard for “past sell by date” foodstuffs plus those that have not been in sealed containers for a while. (eg. – pastas, rice, biscuits and cereals)

Q – Can I spray with Doom etc to sort out cockroaches

The use of domestic aerosol sprays can cause a cockroach to drop it’s egg casing, thereby starting another nesting area. Spraying Doom etc, after a professional treatment can also affect the quality of the professional treatment