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Pest Control For Birds - Keep Pigeons and Indian Mynahs away!

Pigeons and mynahs are everywhere – they’re practically unavoidable. This poses a massive health risk, as their droppings can spread disease and parasites. When their droppings dry out, they become even more of a risk as their particles are released into the air and can be inhaled causing fungal diseases in humans! Apart from the health risk, Property damage from bird droppings which are very acidic and can cause accelerated deterioration of roof sheeting, brick surfaces, permanent staining and corrosion of paving.
This leads to ongoing cost, including time and resources required to clean up droppings, remove nests off buildings, cleaning guttering and drainage blockages, plus repair of air conditioners.
This makes bird control a necessity.

FAQ’s on Birds

Do pigeons cause diseases?

Pigeons and other birds that gather in numbers in a ceiling or on a ledge etc, can cause diseases including respiratory issues, as well as be the source of lice, fleas, etc.

Q – How can we keep birds away

There are a number of options, including proofing of a roofline or overhang, netting and birdspikes. We also offer ceiling sanitisation and gas treatments to clear out any bird related infestations, such as birdlice or fleas.